Symphonischer Progressiver Rock aus Herford, seit 2004



Somewhere around autumn 2003 Howard Hanks, Dennis Grasekamp and Udo Grasekamp, all members of the band Taste of Timeless decided, they had to do something about the "Pink Floyd-less times". As they were all big fans of the floydian music, they were all suffering with the lack of new material from this band. Somebody (they dont't know who it was anymore) had the brilliant idea during a practising session to play a floydian theme. Aha, what was that? The idea was born. If Pink Floyd are not prepaired to supply their fans with new material, they would make there own.

After two or three tunes were put together they came up with the idea of a concept album, influenced by the music it became "Crying Of The Whales". Somehow it seemed the right topic at the time. They did not just copy, they wan (...) Mehr anzeigented their own music to sound something like Pink Floyd. They had the music and the lyrics and through a fluke coincedence they found the voice in the person of André Bläute, a singer/songwriter from their area. The band finished the last recordings by the end of 2004 and went on the lookout for a label. The british progrock label Cyclops were impressed and interested in the project.

Since February 2006 the album "Crying Of The Whales" is availiable on the world market and has already had success with many fans of this music genre. In lots of reviews it's been stated that the music of Abarax has a certain simularity to the sound of Pink Floyd, whereby it's own individual character can not be overheared. The second album BLUE ROOM is also now available worldwide (CYCL 174) Weniger anzeigen


André Deininger

Sänger, Gitarrist


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