Selftitled Album 2017

Release von Cone

: 19.05.2017
Produktion: DIY
Label: Selbstvertrieb


Our booklet per-song lyrics are fountain-pen written, our per-song illustrations and the album cover are hand drawn and our music is hand made.

Our 40 min. album tells one overall story.

16-Page Booklet, 9 hand-drawn illustrations and 7 fountain pen written lyrics.

Since Ever
Riding High On A Black Wolfs Back
Here He Comes
In The Hands Of Masters
Right On Time
Can’t Stand To Be Sober
Mix/Master. Jeffro Lackscheide, Chicago.

Recorded. Live, full band recording.

Artwork. Elisabeth Van Den Daele, Gerda Pöll, Felix Melchhardt.

Just lean back and close your eyes.