Live At De Bosuil (DVD)

Live At De Bosuil (DVD)

Release von CRYPTEX

: 2012
Produktion: DIY
Label: Selbstvertrieb

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3 - Live DVD: „Live At De Bosuil – Over Hills And Stones Tour 2012“
VÖ: 23.11.2012 (Saol / CMM / Cryptex Music GbR)

1: Hicksville, Habitus And Itchy Feet
2: Freeride
3: Dance Of The Strange Folk
4: Camden Town
5: Alois
6: It´s Mine
7: Gypsy´s Lullaby
8: Most Lovable Monster
9: Grief And Despair
10: Levitathan

- Bonus Features: Exklusive Rockumentary + Photo Gallery
- Produziert von Cryptex – Special Events Productions – Murky Waters Design

Recorded at
Muziekcentrum De Bosuil, March 10th 2012, Weert (Netherlands)

Mixed by
Martin „Barni“ Johansson

Mastered by
Kai Stahlenberg (Kohlekeller Studios)


- Simon Moskon (Bass, Vocals, Keyboard, Piano, Blues-Harp, Didgeridoo)
- Martin Linke (Lead and Rhythm-Guitar, Sansula, Background-Vocals)
- Ramon Fleig (Drums, Percussion, Cajón, Background-Voclas)