Across the River of Time

Across the River of Time

Release von Father Sky Mother Earth

: 02.04.2017
Produktion: DIY
Label: Selbstvertrieb

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The next phase of Father Sky Mother Earth has begun. With the introduction of our first picture theme, we also gave music a new image; A more vivid and colourful one than on the debut album.
The soundscape is natural but gives the listener a hard and unsettling embrace of psychedelic heart-hitting drones. Its nuances resonate in the mountain scenery that holds us as their residents. These sheep – as a metaphor to this – live here from generations on and try to survive in a stone-cold exile.
We are all waiting for The Return of Alhazred to weigh our souls. When we meet face-to-face stories will be told as we're floating Across the River of Time.
If we look back have you been happy with your life, did you live? Did you reach the final state of consciousness and went beyond? Are you ready to let yourself go and be an echo to this world?