The Key

The Key

Release von Staggering Leech

: 02.10.2015
Produktion: DIY
Label: Selbstvertrieb

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The four-piece is dedicated to hardrock that's sometimes colored with a bit of a raw punky approach and sometimes more Southern Rock based. However, the guys sound real and grounded.

Staggering Leech is best when they rock. Songs like the opening double "Leech Song" and "I Don't Like" are pushing hardrockers that will work live probably even better than on the album. Also "Misery" belongs to the good tunes on "The Key". A pumping bass kicks-off this number before vocals and guitars makes it to a melodic rocker that never gets too soft.

The slower and more ballad-like songs aren't bad tunes either. It's just that the raunchy rockers are coming more to the point. One exception though. The acoustic "When I'm down" is a soulful soundtrack for a 'lighters-on' session during a show of Staggering Leech.

"Second Song", which is actually number nine on the tracking list, is standing out due to it's length. Ten minutes of Staggering Leech is what you get with this tune. If you, based on the playing time, expect a ballad I can tell you that you're wrong. It's actually a tasty rocker based on a cool riff, a steady beat and well-done solo parts (sometimes I even felt reminded to Maiden). Maybe eight minutes would have also done the job, but in the end "Second Song" can keep the tension till the end and that's what counts.

It took quite a while till Staggering Leech's new album sees the light of day. But the result compensates for the waiting time. Eleven good songs will be loved by the fans and should be checked by people that never heard about the band from Bönningstedt.