On the right Path

On the right Path

Release von The Ryan Harrington Band (USA/DE)

: 31.10.2019
Produktion: Zöllner Studio Dresden
Label: Selbstvertrieb

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On the right Path is the debut album of the up-and-coming Ryan Harrington Band from Dresden, Germany. This is a dynamic album of 10 all original songs written and arranged by the band. Paul Zöllner mixed this album, while Paul and Ryan Harrington produced On the right Path. Special guests include The Harp legend Bernd Kleinow, Jason Craft on Hammond B3 and piano, John Horn as lead vocalist and former members of the UWEC Singing Statesmen Chorus. The Ryan Harrington Band treats the listener to a sonic goldmine of traditional Blues with elements of Funks, Jazz and Soul wrapped up into a powerful musical tour de force.