Hypersonic Trash from Outer Space aus Mainz, seit 2013



The collision of the star systems is inescapable … our Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy are speeding towards each other with inconceivable velocity! - What will happen?

Apparitional pervasion … a cosmic Pas de deux, culminating in the birth of a new hyper galaxy. The flames of new stars will ignite at a thousand spots, night sky will shine resplendent in the light of the newborn stars. There are just a few billion years left …

The ambassadors of this epoch-making event are already here on earth! The Andromedans are here to deliver the big bang soundtrack!

The curtain will rise with the onset of the hypnotic beats of an ancient drum machine purchased on an interstellar bazaar … driven through electronic nerve cords … interconnected in mysterious gadgetry … alienated … extraterrestrial (...) Mehr anzeigentechnology!

Repetetively interlaced rhythm patterns meandering in infinite loops through the ear canals of the earthlings … channeling their ways through human brain sulci … pervading and interweaving themselves with hypno-psychedelic sound cascades generated on the strange instruments of the two hypernauts XXX (pronounced 'Triple X') and YYY (pronounced 'Triple Y') … interspace artefacts … located deeply somewhere within the Bermuda Triangle of Suicide, DAF, and Kraftwerk.

Ghostly voices … cosmic chants … kamasutric incantations … the spectral mating dance of the galaxies is to be celebrated … welcome to far beyond space! Welcome to the hypersonic soundscapes of the Andromedans ... Weniger anzeigen


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