Animus Delet

Doom Metal aus Dresden, seit 2013


Short biography
This is the web presence of Animus Delet (lat.: ‘destructed mind’) - a solo project that was founded by Christian Engelmann in Dresden (Germany) in late 2013. After a year of musical orientation, Animus Delet became a standard band consisting of four permanent members: Christian Engelmann (rhythm guitar, vocals), Martin Kunath (lead guitar), Till Löhrmann (bass) and Franz Jaurich (drums, backing vocals). In this constellation, various live shows were played in Dresden and Saxony. In 2016, the self-made EP entitled “Now Here” was released. In 2017, Ricardo Bunge replaced Till as bass player.
Due to the departure of former band members in early 2018, and after a period of re-orientation, Animus Delet has returned to its roots as a solo project. Since the beginning of 2019, v (...) Mehr anzeigenarious new song material has been created and released as free-to-listen demos on different platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, etc. From time to time, guest contributions for selected songs have been arranged. For instance, Lana Lochau (female vocals) supported the songs “Shattered oath” as well as “Feast of souls”. More will follow here.
It is planned to produce the first full-length album until Autumn of 2020. This long player will be the first out of a trilogy. Live shows are not of priority at the moment. However, in case of promising opportunities, a sparse number of gigs could be an option.

Description of music
Animus Delet generally offers Doom Metal, with slight influences by other genres such as Death Metal, Black Metal and Post Rock. The music is characterized by strong emotions, especially darkness and melancholy. The lyrics are based on a fictional story.

animus.delet@gmail.com Weniger anzeigen


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