Progessive/Djent Band aus Frankfurt am Main, seit 2018


This is Antivist,

A new progressive/djent metal project, which was founded by Marco Kammer (guitar, bass) and Jonas Malek (drums).

While touring, recording and working on building a platform to expand with the Frankfurt, Germany based alternative Band 'Soulution' for several years, the idea of creating a new individual sound, which combines the musical influences by both Marco and Jonas, came up.

In the process of writing the debut EP, Antivist developed a concept of repetitive structures in songwriting, while experimenting with complex measures & metrics and diverse but catchy riffs & melodies, in which each song flows into another.

The debut EP will unite instrumental finesse and emotion as a symbiosis of two different musical spectra that contains partly modern and classic progressi (...) Mehr anzeigenve metal, thrash, alternative, electronic and some orchestral sections.

It is the result of multiple years of exploring, learning and practicing progressive music in combination with a self-developed and independent idea of style and sound.

Due to the self-managed production in a professional studio with well-evaluated gear and the ability of creating an own mix and master, Antivist is as authentic as it can be.

The EP is expected to be released in spring 2019! Weniger anzeigen


Marco Kammer

Gitarrist, Bassist, Songwriter

Jonas Malek

Schlagzeuger, Percussionist


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