Arik Dov

Arik is a folk musician. But it is merely about the WHAT than about the HOW: Raw, melodic voice, fluent fingerpicking, ambient upright bass - magic. aus Leipzig, seit 2013


Label und Management: Possibly Sam

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After touring through Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, the UK, and Israel, the California native settled in Germany, sticking to his roots as a singer/songwriter and folk artist.
Intimate and laid back, Arik Dov's music is raw and personal, armed with only a guitar and his voice.
What you see is what you get, and what you hear is more than you can expect.
Arik's smooth yet raspy vocals accompany his guitar, with his own melodic finger picking style, working together as one team.
You can hear years of listening to James Taylor and Cat Stevens, as Arik gives an honest and raw approach to his music.
Give his music a listen to hear for yourself.


Malo H.

Komponist, Bassist, Ukulelespieler, Cellist, Kontrabassist


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