Doom, Rock, Alternative aus St. Gallen, seit 2003




Denis Vera (aka Denis Serifovic, Guitar) and Stefan Vida (aka Stefan Reut, Vox & Bass) first met in fall 2003, while Vera and Georg Böhme (Guitar, Keyboards) were looking for new band members and Vidas band just split up. This was a great opportunity for the three to get together for a jam session and see how it would go. The three turned out to be able to work perfectly fine with each other and half a year later the band was set up with Steven Mortal (aka Stevan Coka) as drummer.

At the early stage of the band formation it was quite hard to find good musicians in their hometown. blood runs deep wasn't into the new Metal movement. Instead they rather listend to Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Metallica or other 70s Bands such as Pink Floyd. And still today it is safe to say that (...) Mehr anzeigenthe band is rather oldschool orientated and comparable to Porcupine Tree, Opeth or Type O Negative. It was always their goal to stay themselves and not to go with the flow, simply playing music which comes from their hearts.

Just a few months after the band was formed they've decided to go into the studio and record their first few tracks by Ivo Münger (ENO, ex-Mr Willis of Ohio). the Project "Black Advent" has unfortunately never been published and found it's final resting-place in dusty basements. However one of the few lucky ones who got to listen to "Black Advent" was Dave Fryman, Manchester UK (Bassplayer in various Bands among Guitarist Aziz Ibrahim (ex-Asia)) Dave gave the band another chance and in summer 2005 an album was produced. 10 of 13 tracks where ready, the rest were products after “way too long and drunken studio nights”. The band started to work on the tracks and experimented a lot with keyboards. The songs became deeper and the rock element were replaced by slower and melancholic tunes. The album was named "Thirteeen Thoughts about Suicide" and deals with failed suicides, miserable love affairs and overall bad experiences in life. Nevertheless the disc was never released. All in all the band was in the studio for over a year and wasn't happy with the overproduced material. Surely some of the stuff had potential but they decided, that they weren't ready yet.

The first concerts were held in basements and industrial buildings, which lucky enough St. Gallen had plenty off. The sound of blood runs deep was not yet defined and the difficulties of working harmonically together were not yet solved. Regardless, the band managed to become quite popular with their unforgettable stage shows. In particular spring 2006, the vocalist throw a beef heart drowned in blood into the screaming crowed. It is always a good kept secret what the band will do at their next show but so much we can say, that docter uniforms, lots of blood, injections and nurses have already been a part of shows so far.

Due to severell different opinions concering the bands future the band split up and held their last concert in fall 2006. However Denis Vera and Stefan Vida were not ready to give up yet. Together they continued blood runs deep with Mike Batruel (aka Michael Federer, drums) and Josh Almus (aka Albert Mustafa "Josh Almus" Graber, keyboard).

After just a few concerts the band decided to have yet another try to record the album "Thirteen Thoughts about Suicide". The recording took almost a year of their time but turned out to be worth every minute they've spent on it. Mix and master was done by Sonic Lab and Celtic Frost enabled an amazing guest performance from Simone Vollenweider (featured on the last Celtic Frost album "Monotheist") for the title track "These Thoughts about Suicide".

The album called "These Thoughts about Suicide" was released on iTunes and amazon.de on may 15, 2009. The band has signed to FarewellMusic Switzerland in spring 2009

Mike Batruel was replaced by Simon Christ right before Blood Runs Deep began their Tour through Germany and Switzerland “Torture Tour 2010/2011” Weniger anzeigen


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