Breathe Atlantis

Rock, Alternative/Independent aus Essen, seit 2012


Label: Redfield

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After the two successful singles ‘Lost’ and ‘Golden Messiah’, BREATHE ATLANTIS released the album ‘FUTURESTORIES’ in late summer 2016 and manifested the status of the band as one of the most promising alternative newcomers. Progressive harmonies, danceable rhythms and electronic elements are the cornerstones of the band’s sound, the combination of R’n’B inspired vocals and vicious shouts has become a trademark of the band since the debut ‘Shorelines’ (2014).
The songs of ‘FUTURESTORIES’ were brought to life by a close cooperation with US producer Dan Korneff (PARAMORE, PAPA ROACH, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and many more) and got polished in Korneff’s studio in New York in the end of 2015. Since then a lot of things have happened in the world of BREATHE ATLANTIS: The start was made with ‘Lost’ an (...) Mehr anzeigend the accompanying video, that was also shot in New York, in spring 2016. The single alone has achieved more than 350,000 plays on Spotify and was able to win many new fans in Europe and America but in Japan as well, where ‘FUTURESTORIES’ was released in the end of 2016 in an exclusive bonus-track version on Go With Me records. On the live sector things went brilliant as well for the band that by now shared stages with bands like SUM 41, MEMPHIS MAY FIRE, THE WORD ALIVE and BURY TOMORROW. In the course of the album release BREATHE ATLANTIS successfully completed their first headline run and in spring 2017 a tour with VITJA and dates with CALIBAN are on the schedule.
On ‘FUTURESTORIES’ the band presents a positive and optimistic approach that is no way built on lukewarm ideas. The band states by itself: “The title is like a mind game, a utopia, that everyone can write out in full for her- or himself. We take a look at ourselves, on what defines us as individuals and the positive things that can be realised through us. The title means that the future is not written but the ability to do this by ourselves is in everyone of us – a call for autonomy and individual fulfilment.”
Enthusiasm and a positive message – this is how ‘FUTURESTORIES’ is presented. Quiet and melancholic moments provide a more diverse picture and tighten the impression that this I not a collection of separate tracks but a strong and complete album. BREATHE ATLANTIS make clear that they have to tell a lot more exciting stories in the future. Weniger anzeigen




  1. Lost (Lost, 2016)Kommentar
  2. Perfection (Futurestories, 2016)Kommentar
  3. Golden Messiah Kommentar
  4. Purity (Futurestories, 2016)Kommentar
  5. Incomplete Universe (Futurestories, 2016)Kommentar
  6. The Goat And The Saint Kommentar

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