Breathe Atlantis

Rock, Alternative/Independent aus Essen, seit 2012


Label: Arising Empire   Management/Booking: Coldlife Entertainment


“The only way is up!”
Even though BREATHE ATLANTIS look back at a successful past they have only one direction to go from here: up. By releasing their upcoming album »SOULMADE« (Release-date: 01/2019 via ARISING EMPIRE) the band is set to carry their modern and international rock-sound further out into the world. The previous Album FUTURESTORIES (REDFIELD RECORDS) already demonstrated the band's status as one of the most promising alternative-newcomers: catchy hook lines, danceable rhythms and electronic influences define the distinctive sound.
A fresh symbiosis of R'n'B inspired vocal-lines and heavy Rock became a trademark since the release of the previous LP, that gained over 1.000.000 plays on Spotify. Successful singles like »Lost« and the complementary music video shot in New York Ci (...) Mehr anzeigenty granted a growing fan-community in Europe, North America, Japan and Russia.
Their new album »SOULMADE« was created in close collaboration with producer Dan Korneff (PARAMORE, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, PAPA ROACH, A DAY TO REMEMBER) amongst others. The result shows how the band and their sound have evolved and matured: "The most important thing for us was to keep the spirit of the songs, to write and grow them organically instead of pushing them into a certain direction.", Nico Schiesewitz (lead vocals) comments: "While writing this album, we didn’t hold on to any concept. We focused on getting the most quality out of every track individually. After all the one thing that mattered the most is expressing our emotions. “
With this multifaceted compilation of songs BREATHE ATLANTIS manage to create a mix of red-hot guitar-music and hymns of Stadium-Rock. "The Album was a monster-project. After a long process of writing we finally selected our top 11 out of more than 30 songs we had written. So, there is no room for fillers. They're all potential singles." says Markus Harazim (drums).
As much as the band loves working in the studio, performing on stage is the lifeblood of a musician. Jan: „There is no better feeling than finally taking everything you've been working and sweating for over months to the streets and to the people that also love and appreciate it.“
Consequently, there will be a Europe-Tour with the Swedish band IMMINENCE in preparation of the release.
Considering live-shows the four musicians have a lot so show for themselves: after countless shows with bands like SUM 41, MEMPHIS MAY FIRE, ATTILA, BURY TOMORROW, CALIBAN or SLAVES or touring Germany and Europe with for example ANY GIVEN DAY, TO THE RATS AND WOLVES, as well as countless festival-shows, BREATHE ATLANTIS also proceeded to be seen outside of Germany. Joschka: „Definitely the highlight of the last festival-season for me was being one of the main-acts during a charity-festival in Russia. 15.000 people celebrating for a good cause, it's nights like this that are the reason we are doing this.“
»SOULMADE« shows the true potential of BREATHE ATLANTIS. Catchy songs and honest emotions left the musicians looking forward to a bright and promising future. The band's comment to the upcoming release via ARISING EMPIRE: „We can't wait to take the next big step for us in collaboration with Arising Empire. We're full of energy and looking forward to what's coming!“ Weniger anzeigen





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