Chivy Kuhles

More styles than written, not in one box. aus Grevenbicht, seit 2016


Chivy is only a youngster but has seen the world and knows what he is doing. His new Album Story Teller is a true story that he lived.He is a very gifted guitar player and has a fresh voice. Check out his video`s !
Matt O`ree and David Bryan from Jon Bon Jovi both responded very good on his video`s.
David: "He has a good voice and you can hear that he makes music from his soul", "Very mellow guitar playing and with the info I got from my friend Booker R he also mastered his own album, Bravo"
Matt: "Wow, he can play, We need to play a jam..."
Carl Urasch: ( old manager James Brown for 25 years)."ein bisschen von pink floyd und chris de burgh und lee clayton ! aber SEHR SEHR GUT ! auf jeden fall SEHR interessant !!!! "


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