Denyo Rasmi

Afro-Pop-Reggae, Livelooping aus Köngen, seit 2014



Denyo Rasmi, born in the 9th of October 1984 in Dar es Salaam (as Dennis Evans Njonanje) is a singer, song-writer and producer based in Stuttgart, southern Germany. After searching for his musical identity for a long time, Denyo noticed that his music can mainly be categorised as Pop-Reggae just like what his Producer Luji Ventrucci pointed it out.However, Denyo Rasmi is also such a good rapper and lyrical therapist, Afro-pop singer and he argues that his musical ability finds neither limits nor boarders. Growing up in a musical family, Denyo mentions his parents as the first people to influence him. He listened to different music varieties from Congo DR based music such as Soukouss, Zouk and Rhumba, Chakacha, Twist, up to the Western music like R&B, HipHop, Soul and Jazz. At his middle ag (...) Mehr anzeigene Denyo started to learn Traditional music of Tanzania being instructed by an International Award Winning Poet, Mrisho Mpoto. Also He felt in love with Reggae music as his father introduced him to the late legends in African reggae scene, Justin Kalikawe, Lucky Dube and Alpha Blond. Becoming a musician and gaining passion to learn it plus confidence to do it is for him a result of the biggest inspirations from the greatest African Musical Icons of the 21st Century, Richard Bona, Youssoundo and Lokua Kanza, without forgetting Bob Marley too. In all his school life Denyo was recognised as the Living Radio after being able to deliver number of famous cover songs as much as the fellow students would wish. His confidence in doing music increased in year 2002 when he started writing his own songs. However, his potentiality was not easily understood and supported as his father wanted him to focus only on his studies. This situation caused a lot of conflicts between him and his parents but fortunately they could all survive those waves. After graduating his Social Science studies at the Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy (2010), Denyo started to learn playing guitar as his bypass instrument. In 2012 Denyo Rasmi started officially his musical carrier by joining Dhow Countries Music Academy in Zanzibar. In the same year his joined Swahili Vibes Band as the Lead-singer and performed at the biggest African music festival in Zanzibar, Sauti za Busara and ZIFF lining up together with big artists like Nneka (Germany), Tumi and the Volume (South Africa) and Fred Massamba (Switzerland).
In 2012, Denyo Rasmi was chosen as one among the five representatives from Tanzania, along with other talented young People like Damien Soul in the former biggest Popstar Search TV show in Nairobi called Tusker Project Fame which brought together contestants from Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda and South Sudan. He moved to Germany in 2014 and started to ground his carrier kind of afresh. His life theory in relation to his music, Denyo Rasmi believes in learning with passion and repetition as the master of every competence, not only music.


Denyo Rasmi

Sänger, Gitarrist


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