Divine Imputation

Oldschool Death Metal aus Arnsberg, seit 2007


It all started back in 2007 when some cool riffs were written - somehow classical for a Death Metal Band - and Meti started his search for combatons, who were interested in playing Oldschool Death Metal. It didn't take a long time to find Victim for vocals and Maxi to play the rhythm guitar. Now the songwriting was ready to get started. Maxi and Meti provided a fundament where Victims striking voice could unfold. In spring/summer 2008 Karlo (drums) and Insa (keys) expanded DIVINE IMPUTATION and the preperation in order to visit a studio began. In the end of 2008 Fabian completed the band as lead guitar player.

In january 2009 DIVINE IMPUTATION recorded their EP "Slow Death" in the "Green Man Studios" in Arnsberg. Midtempo-riffing, catchy sounds and some sheepish madness is the mixture DIV (...) Mehr anzeigenINE IMPUTATION songs are made of. Musicial the band geares up to Artists like Bolt Thrower, Benediction and Kataklysm. DIVINE IMPUTATION unifies this influences without sounding dowdy or antiquated.

It was mere luck that the band met Nudel in early 2009 who had played music once in a while before with Meti. Nudel replaced the former drummer Karlo who had left the band suddenly and was nowhere to be seen after that... Alas Victim left the band, too, due to personal problems by combining job and band.

After a long search a good compensation for Victim was found. Lisa, whose voice matches the typical DIVINE IMPUTATION sound perfectly well, joined the band.
Henceforth the band is giving everything in the rehearsal room and plays shows once in a while (shared the stage with Unleashed, Tyr, Orden Ogan, Cripper, Disillusion and many more).

Sad to say, the Band and Lisa parted ways in the end of 2011. Since that day Meti, Nudel and Fabian are Divine Imputation. And we still kick some heavy-death-metal asses, bitches. Weniger anzeigen


Christian Ludewig



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