DTC - Drown The Crown

Nu Metal 90's / Hardcore. Hard and freakin' Sounds, combined with raps and shouts aus Berlin, seit 2018



Do you think, that music nowadays sucks? You are right my friend.
But there is hope.

4 guys, 3 Letters, 2 musical styles, 1 desire.
DTC (Drown the Crown) is energetic Nu-metal as it's finest. Heavy guitar sounds mixed with energetic rap and shouts, that will blow your mind.
It's a lovechild created by the great Nu-metal bands, that spoke for a generation. New shoes on old paths. But never change a winning system. Just make it better.
Since 2018 Karsten, Jim, Alex and Carson are working together to set the bar high again.
In 2020 "Drown the Crown" will release their first Record "what comes up".
Every show is a unique neckbreaker. A great performance from passionate guys, who are willing to give everything for the crowd.
Constantly working on great recordings, videos (...) Mehr anzeigenand online content, DTC is going to kick some asses. Watch out or hide yourself.

There is hope! Weniger anzeigen


Jim Sick

Gitarrist, Songwriter, Producer

Karsten U



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