Eden Circus

Rock, Alternative/Independent aus Hamburg, seit 2010



In the years after the band's formation, EDEN CIRCUS chose an unusual path. No
concerts, no releases. The creative process – trial and error, the gathering of ideas – was
more important than the urge to perform on stage. The band in its present state used to
only exist in it's members' imagination, there was no musical guideline to be followed.
Every single member was also engaged in other musical projects that were not without
significance, yet lacked longevity.
Through relocation from Göttingen to Hamburg in 2010, the final line-up came together. A
sense of direction developed. It became more and more apparent, which musical paths the
band wanted to take. Endless jam-sessions and periods of songwriting suddenly yielded
song-material for a longplayer. Still the band decided against a stud (...) Mehr anzeigenio-album. Instead, they
chose to play live and allow their songs to mature before daring to take them to the studio.
After several concerts in 2012 and 2013, played with bands like Nihiling, Zen Zebra,
Galaxy Space Man and Panama Picture, the first longplayer was recorded and produced
by the band themselves in different studios (Peermusic/Monochrom/Dying Lizard).
"Marula" is about to be released and EDEN CIRCUS are planning their first full-scale tour
in 2014. Weniger anzeigen


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