kickass female fronted rock aus Wien, seit 2010



Emina has powerful, emotionally charged vocals combined with a raw soul-ripping sound. Her voice is husky and strong yet sweet and mournfully tender. Her soulful singing sends chills down your spine and tears to your eyes for you can almost feel her heart being poured out into every song, especially in her song "I'm Leaving".
Emina showcases best on songs like "Speeding On A Highway" (for all you bikers out there)
and "That's Why I'm Screaming" because of her powerful, tight, crisp vocals that create an aura of great intensity, unbelievable excitement and conviction.
Emina's music has high-powered rock recording with power ballads mixed in. An edgier collection of songs such as "Bitch" and "Go to Hell " have a harsher, harder edge (almost a Ann Wilson-like vocal feel) to them and show Emi (...) Mehr anzeigenna's strong, opinionated side.
This only proves how versatile she can be and her band is definitely " ... a monster, when unleashed on stage". So when the daily grind has bled away your passion, Emina's Rock and Roll music is the antidote.
Jennifer “The Music Muse” Stoker of Independent Music and Media Weniger anzeigen


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