Technical Brutal Death Metal aus Chemnitz/Dresden, seit 2007


EXTINCTIONIST is a technical brutal death metal band based in Chemnitz/Dresden in Germany.


Jörg - Bass
Florian - Drums
Chris - Vocals
Mitch - Guitarist

They got their influences from bands like Archspire, Deeds Of Flesh, Katalepsy (RUS), Disgorge (US), Defeated Sanity, Hour Of Penance, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, ...

In 2007 the band was founded as a one-man project by Alexander Pohl (past band member). EXTINCTIONIST started with a clear musical approach:
"No song slower than 220 bpm, no song longer than 2 minutes."
Though that somewhat "Grindcore-Attitude" changed a little. Time by time it became slightly longer (but not slower) songs, EXTINCTIONIST lost nothing on their Brutality and to-the-point precise killing approach.
In 2007 also the first output "All Flesh Must Be Ea (...) Mehr anzeigenten" was released and is available as a free download.

In 2011 the first full length album "World Extinction" was released.
Between 2011 and 2012 there also was a changeover at the members Line-up.

In september 2013 EXTINCTIONIST became a part of the Label RISING NEMESIS RECORDS.
In November 2014 the 2nd full length album "Portals Of Extraterrestrial Invasions" was released via Rising Nemesis Records.

During the whole time EXTINCTIONIST played a lot of Festivals and shows national and international like Berlin Death Fest, Las Vegas Death Fest (US), Nice To Eat You Death Fest (CZ), NRW Death Fest, Frankfurt Death Fest, Il Fest (CZ), Gahlen Moscht Metal Open Air, In Flammen Open Air, etc. Weniger anzeigen


Dennis Mitchell

Gitarrist, Songwriter, Bandleader


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