Ambient Hardcore Djent aus Frankfurt am Main, seit 2009



Hailing from Frankfurt/Germany Eyesolate was formed in 2012. After one year of playing together the band decided to release their first EP ‘The Great Red Spot’ in February 2013.

Their former vocalist Sascha left the band during summer and was replaced by the bands good friend David in autumn. Eyesolate then went through a long process of transformation, while they were recording their first LP „Noumena“. A reason for the hiatus from 2013 until 2015 was the above called „Process of Transformation“. After „The Great Red Spot“ Eyesolate decided to approach things differently.

The sound, the style, the lyrical messages on „The Great Red Spot“ didn’t seem to lead into the right direction. It all felt like some kind of shallow homage to already established bands.

Thus by deciding to record an (...) Mehr anzeigend write a whole album, they were determined to make no compromises.

The guys strove to simply record and write the songs straight from the very core of their hearts, with the aim to create something that reflects their ambitions, feelings, personalities and artistic approach to form and create music in the most genuine and authentic way possible.

„Noumena“ was released in October 2015. One week prior they released their first video for the song „Behind your Treacherous Eyes“, followed by the release of their second video for the song „Fading“ in November. Weniger anzeigen


Alexander Haufe



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