Lionart Records

Label, Musikproduktion, gegründet 2008
Thusneldastr.3, 81543 München


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Lionart-Records is a young, upcoming, independent Reggae Label founded by the bavarian producer Lukki Lion, who is also a live musician (fe. with megaphon and Darei). The first Riddim Selection that was dropped, is the famous "Worldpeace-Riddim" including the german reggae chart hit "Can't touch" by Anthony B. First aim for the label is to transport true vibes inna modern roots, dancehall or hip hop style. We watch out continually for new Tunes with Artists from all over the world, so if you are interested in Voicing one of our Riddims write us a message. We want to feature Artists from all around the globe for true Vibez!! Blessed Love!! .............. ........ .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .............. ..Artists Lukki Lion worked with:...... AnthonyB,Sojah,Perfect,Jahcoustix,megaphon,Phara (...) Mehr anzeigenow,Iriepathie,Darei,Melloquence, Tidal, Singer Brown,I-Kalonji,Kaya Warriors,Mr.Diamond,Elijah Prophet,Ragga Bund,Phal-D, Ashim, Manstar, Jah Mason Weniger anzeigen


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