MPS Hanseatic

Artist-Management, Booking-Agentur, gegründet 2015
Neuer Kamp 32, 20357 Hamburg


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Management - Production - Service
Our motivation is the enthusiasm with which we approach our projects and the passion invested to develop these both constructively and individually.

Beyond The Black
In Extremo
Mister Misery
and many more...

Years of experience by way of continuous work with international acts, combined with creativity plus a strong service ethos are the skills MPS encompasses in the best interest of the artist. This both administrative and creative as well as on an artistic level.

We are actively involved in the following segments: Artist Management (up to the 360 degree concept model), artist advice, artist booking, tour management, production.

Specialized in the following business areas:

Artist management for established artists, but a (...) Mehr anzeigenlso for smaller acts.
Targeted use of our competence in the live business to provide better structures for bands and artists.
Production: Access to a broad portfolio of commercial services, from experienced tour and production managers to skilled technicians.
Working closely together with bands and artists concerning cooperations, structure, planning and market positioning. A conceptual and formatted approach, followed by consistent implementation and finally the evaluation of the corresponding measures, provide optimal conditions for sustainable development.

We operate within a complex yet effective branch network, making it possible for us to think multidimensionally.

Whether intensive and individual development work with smaller bands / artists, or strategic development of established acts - each of our projects is a challenge for us that we gladly provide with commitment, expertise, creative ideas and passion! Weniger anzeigen


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