The shaking floor

Recording Studio

Tonstudio und Recording, gegründet 2018
hafenplatz 3, 63450 Hanau

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Founded 2018 in the old harbour of Hanau, the shaking floor stands for pushing musicians to their limits. We care a lot about how good the material is going to be in the first place when we record your tracks. Even in the year 2019, anolog gear is still a thing and we work in a hybrid fashion but lean over to analog for that extra bit of work to be doing it old school, with the Human touch always audible and appreciate the time you spend achieving a fantastic recording. You can record up to 5 people live, at the same time with fantastic isolation between instruments as well as burrying our heads deep in a production. Focussing on translating the song, that's all that matters at the end of the day.
We offer digital/ analog mixingand mastering, as well as the studio as a rehearsal space and (...) Mehr anzeigengot plenty of guitars, basses and microphones for production and you get engineered/produced (Mastering Engineer, Tonmeister, Audio Engineer) by me personally ( Tim Teschinsky) Weniger anzeigen


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