Michael Wöß

Tonstudio und Recording, gegründet 2019
Fritilostr. 2a, 85368 Moosburg an der Isar


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Michael Woess, also known as RISTRIDI works as a musician and freelancing sound and music producer.
With the proper know-how acquired in his studies and his ongoing projects, Michael helps you achieve the best possible recordings for your songs!
Mixing and Mastering
A lot of the quality of your end product depends on its mix – relying on trained ears and experienced post production skills is what makes the difference!
You know what you are going for, but you don’t know how to achieve the best possible sound? Just write an e-mail to michael@w-audio.com
Pricing may vary, depending on the project’s scope.
One recording day can be estimated at 100€, mixes at 70€ per song. Production advice is included.
If you only seek counseling, please message me at michael@w-aud (...) Mehr anzeigenio.com
History and Experience
„Me and my band (Mornir) recorded 2 promo songs supervised by Ristridi. He took a lot of his time for us to get the best result possible and had an ear for every detail. We also use a violin, wich is not the most common instrument to deal with as a sound engineer and the result turned out very well. While mixing and mastering he respected every wish we had and gave us professional and experienced advice. We are very happy with the results. I can’t imagine there’s many who do their job as good as him for a similar charge.“
– Clemens Detsch (Mornir)
First steps
Since the beginning of his musical career, Michael has always wanted to know and learn about how to get the best sound possible out of both his and other musicians’ recordings.
His first external project was the debut EP of a local band No Goes entitled “Die Grauen Herren”. It marked a beginning for Michael’s audio engineering journey.
By co-producing his Blackened Death Metal band SEKTOR’s first album, he had a major impact on the album’s production and sound.
Striving Further
In late 2018, Michael enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, Germany to learn more about Sound and Music Production and to professionalize his hobby.
The first official release completely engineered, mixed, and mastered by Michael was for his project OMEGA POINT. Omega Point’s debut “The Descent” exemplifies Michael’s professional approach to engineering, mixing, and mastering.
OMEGA POINT’s second album „Isolation“ was also completely produced by Michael.
Mixing covers and collaborations
Also by releasing cover videos – collaborations as well as on his own – with regularity, he continuously refines his mixing skills.
If you liked what you heard and if you want to hire Michael as a sound engineer – feel free to write an informal email to michael@w-audio.com !
With reasonable pricing – yet always the will to strive for the best sound – Michael is the perfect partner to go to if you want to release a demo, EP or even an entire album. Weniger anzeigen


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