Five Ways to Nowhere

Rock riffs, scratchy melodies & neurotic sound aus Turin, seit 2015



Five Ways To Nowhere is a powerful blend of loud guitars, aggressive and groovy riffs, a scratchy voice with catchy melodies all driven by a neurotic rhythm section.
The first spark that brought the band to life was when Dario Orlando and Charlotte S first met. Their musical journey began with other musicians, other sounds, other names, creating an alchemy that later became the core of Five Ways To Nowhere.
Soon other members joined in to complete the line-up: Matteo "TEO" Lassandro with his face-melting rhythm guitars, the versatile drummer Fabio Brunetti and the bassist Silvia "SIXBASS" Casetta.
In December 2016 bassist Davide “DAVY” Rocco replaced Silvia Casetta.
That’s how this new rock band was born. Their music is a mix of Hard Rock and Alternative that creates an explosive and melod (...) Mehr anzeigenic sound in the wake of bands like Halestorm, Shinedown, Papa Roach and others. Weniger anzeigen

  1. Love to Hate (Bite Hard (digital edition), )Kommentar
  2. Obsessed (Wildstyle / Obsessed, )Kommentar

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