Frau Karo

deep words. mellow sounds. broken beats. Indie Pop. aus Köln, seit 2013



Frau KARO takes you on a journey through musical worlds of emotion - both vocally and compositionally. The 28-year old German singer KARO is a musician to the core. She is a singer (English lyrics), songwriter, and pianist, equally at home in pop, rock, and soul. The focus being her stunning voice that pulls all the strings, dictates the arrangements, and orchestrates the songs. Years of studying (at the renowned ArtEZ school of music in Arnhem, Netherlands), live performances, and her exceptional love for music have resulted in her debut album: "Breaking Clouds" - written by Frau KARO (Jonas Hemmersbach on guitar, Robert Söhngen on drums, Joris Geisselbrecht on bass), put into form with the help of Los Angeles based producer Julian David, redefines the genre of indie pop in Frau KARO's un (...) Mehr anzeigenique style. The band's songwriting gives a new twist to universal themes with fresh imagery. From intimate piano ballads to cinematic indie anthems, the (modern electronic) sounds and arrangements build the foundation for her vocals while big drums and rich textures create an energetic contrast. Weniger anzeigen


Jonas Hemmersbach



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