From Fall To Spring

Linkin Park meets Metalcore aus Neunkirchen, seit 2008


Management/Booking: AMP UP Booking


From Fall To Spring is a Rockband with five members based in the Southwest of Germany. Their music is best described as modern rock, although the love for the metalcore-genre that all bandmembers share is clearly heard in every song of the band. The distinctive vocal sound of the brothers Lukas and Philip paired with melodic rock metal and electronic elements create a musical experience, that can be compared to bands like Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin or Starset. Each of From Fall to Spring’s songs tells a story and the band wants to get in contact with the listener through their tracks. Topics like depression, love and the loss of a loved one are adressed in their lyrics and are communicated in the music. Early in 2019 From Fall To Spring are going to release their second EP „Disconnecte (...) Mehr anzeigend“ (produced by Seb Monzel) that will hopefully pave the way to reaching a wider audience and maybe give the band an opportunity to share their music all over the world. Weniger anzeigen


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