Progressive Rock / unplugged aus Darmstadt, seit 2002


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Rising from the ashes of the German neoprogs ULYSSES, the initial line-up of the band was formed in 2002. In 2004, "NEROTICA" was released, followed by a series of very successful club gigs and enthusiastic reviews.
During a phase of musical reorientation the band split up in 2005 and band members went separate ways with their own projects. However, there was still creative energy burning within the core of the band which resulted in an intensive search and audition process and NERONIA reformed in 2006. The new line-up started working on their own musical identity, going beyond what NERONIA had done before. In 2008, NERONIA released "BLUE CIRCLES" which was recognized widely by the international rock community and was nominated in two categories for the Italian 2009 Progressive Rock Awards (...) Mehr anzeigen amongst other awards.
The production process of the third album "LIMNOTAPES" began shortly after the release of "BLUE CIRCLES", NERONIA was then, however, massively knocked back as a result of a break-in to their studio, which saw practically all of their equipment stolen, and cost almost three years worth of time.
"LIMNOTAPES" has been chosen as the NewEARS album of the month in July 2014, followed by many positive reviews in various famous magazines like Classic Rock Society, Eclipsed or PowerPlay.
During the final writing and recording sessions of "LIMNOTAPES" it became obvious that Mike Stone, friend, keyboardist extraordinaire and band member from the earliest days of NERONIA had to leave the band due to professional reasons. The remaining members decided not to fill the resulting gap but to take the chance to head in more rock - or even metal oriented - direction that had evolved during the writing process of the last Limnotapes songs.
In the following months, the band locked themselves away to find new arrangements to be able to perform the existing song material live, and added some cover songs to add spice to the live set. NERONIA played some test gigs in 2015 which proved their ability to perform as a quartet. At the same time the songwriting for the next CD moved on quickly and progressed so fast that, only one year after releasing "LIMNOTAPES", the band proudly presented their fourth CD called "NERO" on December 2015. In May 2016 the Musicvideo "RAINDROPS" was nominated as finalist during the Berlin Music Video Awards 2016 in the Category "Videoshop".
On March 30th 2017, NERONIA will release their fifth album "PURE" which is the first unplugged album.
And to those who were wondering: The name NERONIA originates from the massive Greek-style festival, created by NERO. Weniger anzeigen


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