House/Dance, Techno/Electronic, Breakbeat/Drum'n'Bass aus Lohfelden, seit 1992

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DJing since 1993
Producing since 2008
Under my Old Moniker called Jay Brooks i had a several Bunch of Tunes on different Labels like Larry Tee's Carnage Music, but i felt it was Time for a Musical Change.
So i also changed my Project name into JB77
The originating from Kassel and born on 01.07.1977 Dj 'JB 77' first came at the age of five years by his father with electronic music and vinyl in contact. So fascinated by the "Black Gold" he bought his first LP, a Breakdance Sampler. Grown up in the 80s and inspired by listening to the radio every day, he drew everything to do with music formally into itself. Especially "New Wave" and "Depeche Mode" have it done at this time (today) and he tried to buy every record from the radio broadcasts. In 1991he picked up (...) Mehr anzeigen his savings and bought his first Mix Set and a lot of Techno + House Records. The first parties were visited to see that what he had so far only heard on the radio. From there his destiny was clear, to be a DJ. Then came the first attempts at private parties, the local youth center, etc.
And he is still here and rocks Weniger anzeigen


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