Post-grunge/rock/alternative metal aus Pärnu, seit 2014



ILLUMENIUM is an “All- Time- Touring” Rock/Grunge/Metal band, from Estonia.
They offer a nice mix of music of POST - Grunge, Alternative Metal, Hard Rock with a melodic touch.
The band was founded in 2014 October 8th.
The name of the band was born a few weeks earlier when the band was in Italy, Alessandria making a stop next to the highway. There were 3 police patrols sent to control the band. They asked the singer Kari Kärner if he is from the freemasoners(illuminati) pointing out to the tattoo in his face. The singer replied “Yes”, but meant it as a joke. And from there comes the band name ILLUMENIUM.
Currently unsigned and with intense work & love for rock n roll on the open road they have gathered over 50,000 true fans on Facebook and
have put out 4 albums, new album coming out on 25.0 (...) Mehr anzeigen1.2020. Weniger anzeigen


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