Alternative/Independent, Punk/Hardcore aus Frankfurt, seit 2008


KARMA n. 1. Hinduism. Buddhism. The total effect of a person's actions and conduct. 2. Fate; destiny. 3. Informal. A distinctive aura, atmosphere, or feeling. [Sanskrit, deed.]

KAMIKAZE n. 1. A Japanese pilot trained in World War II to make a suicidal crash attack. 2. Slang. An extremely reckless person who seems to court death. [Japanese : kami, divine + kaze, wind.]

KARMAKAZEE n. 1. Someone who seeks to improve the world through self-destructive behavior. 2. Memeber of the band The Karmakazees.

KARMAKAZEES – a four-man band rooted in punk, indie and alternative music, half American, half German spanning two generations of musical grownups: the Americans draw their inspiration from late-seventies punk and new wave while the Germans rise up from the indie scene of the nineties.

KARMAKA (...) Mehr anzeigenZEES is Beer Butt Chicken / Text me Baby / Headcount / Corporate Space / Brits on Skis / She Wants It / Winning Culture / Junk Bond Jam / Over and Over / May I Tune Your G-String / Pink Slip Weniger anzeigen


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