King Machine

Progressive GrooveCore aus Berlin, seit 2007



There is a sound echoing through Berlin. The sound of KING Machine. Where is the metalhead, that doesn't prick up his ears when hearing double bass attacks, the punk, that isn't left cold by power chord walls, the nerd, that isn't happy about offbeat rhythms and crooked harmonies?
Every comrade has to get this one truth: true power comes from guitar riffs. It is high time that KING Machine bundle their purposes and tendencies on one sound storage medium and set this sound against their critics.
All music is a battle about the most wicked sound. Guitarist and drummer, bass player and singer – for ages they battled against each other on the stage. Be it with their riffs, the power amp, there was always a revolutionary transformation of music. But the movement was always straight forward. Be (...) Mehr anzeigenit with the first gentle attempts in a dusty backyard in Weissensee or on the stages of Berlin and the rest of the republic.
Discovering Facebook or Soundcloud made it possible to offer the dialectic pieces of music to a wider audience. The most important thing was always the ideological consolidation of the followers. The song, the emotion, the mosh pit are the greatest product of this specially organized matter. We have to support everything that's beneficial to our sound, we have to fight against everything that is opposing.
Our music is influenced by the great deeds of comrades like Suicidal Tendencies, Pantera, Unearth, Dillinger Escape Plan or Slayer. The ideas of metal, punk and hardcore find their echo. But it's not about interpreting music, but to change it. KING Machine have simplified all these contrasts radically and unified them in MACHINE CORE: their sound will accompany the great revolutions of our era and stand against everything traditional and rusty!
The great barrier between stage and audience will be overturned. The great barrier between city and countryside will be flattened through extensive playing. All productive forces will be directed towards the building of new music. Soon KING Machine will also burn down your barricades!
KING Machine are two guitars a bass, a voice and drums. The band originated in Berlin – HTown and plays hardcore with progressive metal elements. Offbeat rhythms and crooked harmonies are interchanging with wicked breakdowns and boosting high speed hook lines. Listen to it on Soundcloud and Facebook, enjoy and comment! Weniger anzeigen


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