Legacy of Vydar

Epic Death Metal aus Hürth, seit 2007

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Finest Epic Death Metal - That's what Legacy of Vydar stands for since 2007!

The unique characteristics of LoV are three guitars that both provide distinctive power and hooks you won't forget - no matter what. This, merged with the pure force of untamed drum and bass thunderbolts, energized vokills and a "bombastic stage presence" makes LoV the eyecatcher on every festival.

Headbanging forwardmost, fighting against the consuming moshpit or calm listening to the sophisticated compositions ... here you'll find your yen!

All the passion, despair and hope that come with each song are drawn from the direct heritage of Vidar, norse God of Revenge who retaliates the death of his father Odin, precipated by the Fenris Wulf during Ragnarök.

By courtesy of Legacy of Vydar true epicness comes (...) Mehr anzeigen to life! Be a part of it! Weniger anzeigen

  1. Choice (Damned EP, 2013)
  2. Still Alive (A Hundred Miles, 2011)
  3. My War (A Hundred Miles, 2011)
  4. No Remorse (A Hundred Miles, 2011)
  5. A Hundred Miles (A Hundred Miles, 2011)

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