Majak stands for uncompromising Heavy Metal, taking in Influences ranging from Blues to Black Metal. Fucking worlds and shooting Stars. aus Neumünster, seit 2015

Management/Booking: SH-Metal Promotion


Majak was founded in March 2015 with Johannes "Joe" Mohr on drums / vocals, Erik "Bomber" Meyer on bass / vocals and Marcel "Wild Eye" Mädel on lead guitar / vocals.
In 2016, "Bomber" switched to the Rhythm Guitar and Stefan "Butcher" Schulz took over the bass.
With this first full-line line-up, Majak played numerous concerts in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and released the "Rebeliouz Archetype" demo.
The recordings for the debut "The Herald" began in spring 2018.
Mid-2018 "Butcher" left the band and was replaced by Michael "Hammersmith" Kröger.
Shortly thereafter followed the most severe setback for Majak yet with the suicide of the drummer, songwriter, singer and brother Johannes "Joe" Mohr.
In spite of everything, the rest of the band stayed true to their mission and found Alex "Sarge (...) Mehr anzeigen" Nagel for the drummer position.
"The Herald" was released August 28th 2019 . Release Show: Meltdown Festival Schleswig, Germany
In the Summer of 2020 Majak added former Sacrifized guitar player and long time friend Fabi "Rippe" Braun as 3rd guitar and promptly released "Rippes Restless Rehearsal Rumble"... a demo of the 2nd full length Album consisting of 3 new Songs.

Line-Up 2021:
Sarge - Drums
Hammersmith - Bass , Vox.
Bomber - Guitars, Vox.
Rippe - Guitars
Wild Eye - Guitars, Vox. Weniger anzeigen


Marcel Mädel

Sänger, Gitarrist


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