An eclectic symbiosis of the impelling pulse of 70's funk, the earthiness of (post-)modern soul, r&b's multifaceted vocabulary and the power of rock – all arranged in the idiosyncratic grammar of jazz. aus Bochum, seit 2016



MND TRCK's latest release TRANSLUCENCE is a paradigmatic example of what the Bochum-based ensemble is currently up to. It appears to be a manifesto-like blue print of the musical and formational shifts the band is currently undergoing.
Started as a trio in early 2016, MND TRCK codified as a core principle to explicitly encourage featuring guest artists in their shows and on recordings. Thus, vocalists and instrumentalists alike regularly found their spot on the firm basis modeled by the archetypical rhythm section formed by Jan Schimmelpfennig (drums), Robin Heimann (bass) and Ruben Philipp (keyboards). The fragments of their collaborator's artistic fingerprints, injected in the course of countless stick-breaking and heart-taking encounters, have over time become a vital part of the group' (...) Mehr anzeigens DNA and defined its distinct sound.
Even in 2017, the appreciation of such inspiring dialogues has not faded. Yet their ephemeral character left the desire to establish opportunities for more continuous conversations unsatisfied. This longing for breadth and depth, for characterful enrichment of the ensemble's iconic idiolect, its playful solidity can be vividly perceived in MND TRCK's second studio album, building on top of the ground work set out by their 2016 debut LSTN!
TRANSLUCENCE, thus, also marks the dawn of a new period: It has been clearly conceived as an invitation for others to board and join in the discussion.
Already while putting the final touches to the record, the premises of its immanent prophecy fulfilled. With trombonists Maximilian Wehner and Kiril Zafirov and pluripotent percussionist Philipp Bracht the band doubled, from a tight trio to a space-consuming sextet.

Jan Schimmelpfennig – drums
Kiril Zafirov – trombone
Maximilian Wehner – trombone
Philipp Bracht – percussion
Robin Heimann – bass
Ruben Philipp – keyboards Weniger anzeigen


Ruben Philipp

Pianist, Keyboarder, Synthesizerspieler


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