Moa McKay & The Flying Cabaret

Retro energy with a modern twist aus Berlin, seit 2018



Moa McKay & The Flying Cabaret strive to combine retro energy with a modern twist. Drawing from many influences classic and modern alike; Amy Winehouse, Alabama Shakes, Lake Street Dive, James Brown and Billie Holiday.
With a hip groovin’ bass player Viktor Velinov, juicy drumming from Gabriele Garbin, the chunky, chewy guitar funk of Tristan Banks, topped off with Moa McKay and her raspy and raw voice.
With their ambitious new EP Night & Day the band hope to empower and motivate their listeners to a place of complete emotional nakedness.
Fabio Buemi has produced the second EP for Swedish songwriter Moa McKay and her band, The Flying Cabaret."Night & Day" saw the band return to The Famous Gold Watch studio in Berlin. With a retro vibe, the EP pays homage to artists such as James Brown and (...) Mehr anzeigenBillie Holiday. Sing-along lyrics, references to past heartbreak and infectious grooves captivate the listener as the band push their sound to the next level, with a little help from their friends, such as vocalist/pianist Elias O. Graversen. Weniger anzeigen


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