Death Metal aus Einbeck, seit 2006


MORTIFY THE FLESH is a death metal band that was founded in Kassel in 2006. Yasin (Drums), Wolfgang (vocals) and Andreas (Guitar) were already part of a band project that was existing previously. The musicians were ambitious about becoming a serious metal band and started looking for a second guitar player. Andreas (vocals) met Torsten (guitar) at a Bolt Thrower concert in Hamburg and invited him to audition for the band in Kassel. The musicians felt comfortable in this formation right from the start so they started playing and writing songs together. Collectively they settled on an american school based death metal style. Deicide, Suffocation and Morbid Angel are an accurate representation of the bands role models. The music was meant to be brutal and technical and yet still contain memor (...) Mehr anzeigenable parts. In the event of Yasins suggestion the Band settled on the Name MORTIFY THE FLESH. At this point the band had already put together songs for a live set yet a bass player could not be found and the band went through several lineup changes. Due to these events the musicians remained unable to perform their songs live on stage over a period of three years. Based on personal differences the band and Wolfgang (guitar) went separate ways in May 2007. Timo filled in as guitar player in 2007. Due to differing musical visions a bass player could not be found despite numerous applicants in 2008. Only in 2009 was the band able to find a bassist. Their new member Thomas completed the band. Shortly afterwards however Andreas (vocals) left the band in June 2009. Seeing himself obliged to his second group "To Resist Fatality" Andreas' time resources were used up. It was not until February of 2010 that Michael was found as a new singer. Michael is simultaneously active as vocalist for the black metal band "Dark Horizon" from Kassel. Now that the bands line up was complete, MORTIFY THE FLESH played their first concert in the Galerie Loayale in Kassel. More concerts were played in 2011 at hotspot Kassel supporting the US-Band "Goregasm" as well as in Paderborn at "Thrash 'n Death until you drop 8" Festival. The Band spent time writing new songs and recording their demo song "Caverns of the unwanted" in 2012. Further concerts were played in 2013 in particular with the popular scene band "Exhumed" from the US.
Thomas (bass) left the band due to job based obligations in June that year. Furthermore the band and Timo went separate paths in August of 2014 due to musical differences. Luckily Sascha (a.o. Slaveyard, ex-Atmosfear) was able to be won as bass player for the band in September 2014. The current lineup of MORTIFY THE FLESH had two festival gigs in 2015. Weniger anzeigen


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