Denis Stoffers

Sänger, Gitarrist aus Hannover
Sänger, Gitarrist bei Second Pitcher



Seven years ago, when I was 19,

I was in a bar with a couple of friends.
After a few drinks we unpacked our guitars
and started playing unplugged.
The people in the bar listened us playing spontaneous.
At 1 in the morning the barkeeper told us to
end but the people already called theire
friends to join in the pub to listen to the livemusic.
So we played till 6 in the morning...

Since that night I started playing gigs in bars an pubs...


Second Pitcher

Eine Band die einen Takt lang einzählt und ab dem zweiten Takt 100 % Spaß und Stimmung versprüht. Das ist die Partyband Second Pitcher. aus Hannover


TTL Management & Booking Agentur

Kim Jasmin Hirsch

Artist-Management, Booking-Agentur in 31582 Nienburg


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