Eugene Rodin

D.I.Y Musician, Sänger, Gitarrist aus Frankfurt
Sänger, Gitarrist bei Eugene Rodin



1987: born
2002: started to learn classical guitar autodidactic
2004: switched to electric guitar
2005 – 2007: first band/live expirience as solo guitar player in a punk band “The Second Way” + at the same time Solo-Project (Instrumental Rock)
2007 – 2008: solo guitar in a hardcore band “Paranoid Society”
2008: unplugged project with Bernd Goder from the band “Capt’n Hammer & die Raketen”
2008 – 2010: rhythm guitar in a soft rock band “ElenaLuna”
2010 – 2012: co-founder and main guitar of the progressive metal band “HUMAN DNA”.
Demo-Recording by White Noise Music Studio, Music Video production by "Image Sixty Four" (ex. mad-cookie.com)
2012: workshop by White Noise Music Studio (focus on recording setups, digital recording & mixing, workflow, basics in Cubase 6)
2012 – till now: solo guita (...) Mehr anzeigenr in an unplugged-duo “Elena Lebsack & Eugene Rodin”.
Home-Demo-Recording by Eugene Rodin, demo-recording by GreenWay Studio
2013 – till now: Main Solo-Project “Eugene Rodin”. Hard Rock / Progressive Metal
2013: Release of debut album “Sense Reconstruction”
2013: Master of musicology (grade 1,7)
2016: Studio EP "Trigger" Weniger anzeigen


Eugene Rodin

Hard Rock / Progressive Metal aus Frankfurt

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