Frederic Hauschild

Produzent, Autor, Vintage Spezialist, Guitar Gear Seller, Gitarrist, Schlagzeuger, Bassist, Sänger, Pianist aus Frankfurt
Gitarrist, Schlagzeuger bei FLYING FRED & FRIENDS/FUNK ZONE Bros.



Meine Musik Bio im Überblick:
1981-1983 Schulband IGS Stierstadt
1985-1986 Experimental Projects in Montreux & Lausanne CH
1987-1991 DECAY Thrash Metal Guitar, Frankfurt Main
1991-1992 SET FATALE, VITAKNOST, Latin Groove Rock Guitar, E-Piano,. Frankfurt
1992 DEATHLINE INTERNATIONAL, Industrial Rock Guitar in San Francisco USA
1992-1994 FREEZEEBEE Indie Alternative Rock Drums Frankfurt
1994-2000 M.E.L.T. Gothic Grunge Guitar Frankfurt
2001-2003 ADMIRAL STAGEFRIGHT Rock, Drums Frankfurt
2004-2014 AUTOPLAY Power Riff Rock Guitar, Frankfurt
2014-2016 THE ELECTRIC SOUP Power Riff Rock Guitar Frankfurt
2015 NUWANDA AHOI Rock n Roll & Beat Cover Bass Frankfurt
2016 FALB Heavy Pop Bass Frankfurt
2013-2016 SCHLOSSKELLER ALLSTARS Blues Piano & Guitar Frankfurt
seit 2017 SMELTZ Gothic Grunge Metal mi (...) Mehr anzeigent Wiener Schmäh Vocals
Wien / Frankfurt
Meine musikalische Bio in Englisch Stichpunkten findet Ihr hierunter:
My band experiences began at school in 1981 with a typical highschool combo. In 1985 I made some experiences in a musical recording Project near Lausanne Switzerland.
My first real Rocker Thrash Metal band DECAY was born in 1987 and started to make gigs and recordings in 1988 playing little clubs all over Germany and appearing on several Vinyl Samplers.
From 1990 on I did several Projects with local musicians in nearly any style to improve my skills and learn from musically other oriented people We played the Local Oberursel Brunnenfest each May from 1990 until 1999. (e.g. THE CHAOS SOUL PARTY, THE BIG BLACK CLOCK, THE REDHEADS, BAD BANANA, PARAGON and THE ORSCHEL ALLSTARS a.o.)
From 1991 to 1992 I played piano and guitar with the german Band SET FATALE. (VITAKNOST)
In August 1992 I was invited to play guitar with the international industrial project DEATHLINE INTERNATIONAL in San Francisco, California. I played on their first record REALETY CHECK and did 3 gigs in the SF bay area (drug..6, DNA Lounge & Big Hut city).
With my old DECAY fellow Jan Biermann I founded the new Frankfurt Area alternative band FREEZEEBEE in October 1992. This was my first band stint as a Drummer!
In November 1994 I founded M.E.L.T. (MOTHER EARTH LOVE TRUTH) We Recorded several CD´s and played gigs all over Germany, in Austria and the UK. M.E.L.T. composed and provided the Soundtrack for the US TV Series "Highlander" starring Adrian Paul (.#105 "The modern Prometheus)
From Summer 2001 until November 2004 I did a Rock Project called ADMIRAL STAGEFRIGHT with my Friend, Tech & Luthier Lars Riemer on Guitar and Jan Metzger on Vocals myself playing the drums.
In July 2004 I started a new Band called "AUTOPLAY" The music can be described as selfmade Feeling Powergroove Stuff in the Style of Audioslave and Zakk Wylde with a bit Led Zeppelin and BlackSabbath in it. AUTOPLAY reached the Semi final of the international ermergenza Newcomer festivals in Germany 2005. The Band renamed to THE ELECTRIC SOUP in 2014 and released their Debut CD "COMEBACK in June 2015. TES played the Virus Music Radio X Stage at the Frankfurt Museumsuferfest 2015 and DAS BETT Club Frankfurt. The band participated on NEWCOMER TV in January 2016 and was Interviewed by the AMERICAN PRIDE MAGAZINE in December 2015.
I released my first Solo Album in November 2006 called "Arrow of Love". and the FZB (FUNKZONE BROTHERS) EP in 2007. This was partly presented Live at the FREEZEEBEE Guitars of God Release Party in November 2007 at Frankfurt SINKKASTEN (Today the ZOOM Club)
I also played Bass for the Frankfurt based Band FALB from March 2016 to September 2016 and helped out NUWANDA on Bass for several MUF Gigs in 2015.
In 2013 I started the F- Hoechst Bluesig Sessions and co- organized the Hoechst-Bluesig Festival in Summer from 2014-2016. I played with the Frankfurt Allstar Blues Band with Matthias Baumgardt, Lutz Sommer and Archy Heiliger and as special guest with Kris Pohlmann at the 2016 Blues Festival.
Since 2017 I was invited to play guitar for the Band SMELTZ by Christian Zickmann and Marcus Testory which is a remake of M.E.L.T. with german vienna slang lyrics. The band completed by Stefan Wendling from SKULLBOOGEY on Guitar and Backing Vocals and Klaus Hesse on drums. The 14 Track Live recorded Debut Album „Schön ist anders“ was released in November 2018 and got very positive press. It will be presented live in 2019 starting at the Cave Frankfurt on 15th of March 2019. Weniger anzeigen


In November 2012 I wrote 2 Articles for the Special Marshall Amps Edition of Germanys Gitarre & Bass Magazine. In 2013 my passion for american Vintage Guitar Gear led to my Job at Europes finest Vintage Store Guitarpoint in Maintal Germany. There I got the honor to chat and play with Greats like:
Bernie Marsden, Matthias Jabs, Josh Smith, JD Simo, Kirk Fletcher, Gregor Hilden, Stefan Kahne a.o.



SOUL BLUES ROCK aus Frankfurt Hoechst


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