Lucas Freise

angehender Musiker, Schlagzeuger, Keyboarder, Pianist aus Berlin

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Lucas Freise is a young but experienced Hard Rock/Metal drummer, born in Hamburg, Germany. Now based in Berlin where he moved after school to join the professional program at Drumtrainer Berlin, led by Dirk Erchinger. Today he is a member of two bands: Eyes Wide Open (Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore) and Catalyst (Melodic Death Metal).
He has participated in numerous performances with his old band Edge of Ever including festivals and club appearances as well as in studio productions. Lucas is well connected and his ability to focus and get familiar quickly with existing material enabled him to stand in for gigs with Circles of Malice (Melodic Groove Metal), EXA (Thrash Metal), Avataria (Dark Thrash Metal) and other local acts.
The first album with Edge of Ever was released 2017 in June and b (...) Mehr anzeigenefore that in 2016 a professional music video was published named “Black Passion”. Also a whole production with the project Silence is Betrayal is already completed, waiting for a release. Plans exist to also record the debut album for Catalyst.
The appearance with Silence Is Betrayal at the “With Full Force” Metal Festival in June 2017 was so far the highlight in his young career.
Continuous improvement of his drumming ability is his greatest aspiration; he still is in close contact with heroes from his lectures at the Drumtrainer. Randy Black, his mentor, who also supported him in the studio session for the Edge of Ever album, is to be named here as well as Christian Vinne.
Describing his style: he has power and will be heard. The bands rely on his beat and timing. He is fully concentrated and professional. This can be seen in the good preparation of sessions and commitment to the music and the team. He is open minded, a team player and his curiosity for new things and people will bring him forward.
Apart from drumming in various bands he teaches drums at the "Freie Musikschule Berlin" and runs his own festival called "Progress Begins Festival" since October 2017. Weniger anzeigen

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