Marta Danilkovich

Berufliche Geigerin, Violinistin, Bandleaderin, Komponistin, Dirigentin aus Frankfurt
Violinistin, Dirigentin, Bandleaderin, Komponistin bei The Violin Drivers und Violinistin bei http://theviolindrivers.com

theviolindrivers.com duodivites.com


Marta Danilkovich hails from Minsk in Belarus. She began playing the violin at the age of 6. She enrolled in the Glinka Music College, from 2001 to 2005 where she studied under Professor Zhuk.
These studies included music history; different ensemble work such as chamber music, string quartets, conducting and violin repertoire.
Marta graduated with a Bachelors degree from the Higher School of music under Professors Kalinovskaya and Fuchs.
During her studies at the Higher School of Music, she toured with the student Orchestra of Europe, playing concerts in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and,France.
In 2009 she won the top prize with the student quartet at the Oginsky International Chamber Music Competition. She also participated at the festival for young artists in Bayreuth in 2009, whe (...) Mehr anzeigenre she performed concerts with the quartet and orchestra under the baton of Gabriel Feltz.
At the same time Marta also played in the Minsk Orchestra ( 2008-2009 Tiroler Festspiele Erl under Gustav Kuhn), in the opera studio orchestra in Minsk.
This was followed by a spell in 2010 where she worked at the Institute of Modern Knowledge as the cultural organizer in the educational and creative department of art and production.
Together with Vladimir Bodunov, they founded a quartet namely the Pan-quartet. This involved performances with the Ministry of Justice. Performances by the quartet were broadcast on metropolitan television several times.The Pan-quartet played at several notable events such as the opening of the Children's Philharmonic Hall in Minsk and other charitable concerts.
Marta and her husband created a violin duo “Duo Divites” in 2009. They performed concerts in Minsk, Mogilev (Belarus) and also toured Europe. She gave solo performances in Italy, France, Germany -Musikmesse Frankfurt am Main, Bad Nauheim Kurkonzerte, Wetzlar Phantastische Bibliothek, Fränkischer Abend (Frankonia Night), Heidelberg Augustinum, Frankfurt aM Schloss Residence Mühlberg, Sommerach- Annadora Diller-Köninger, München Tertianum Residenz, Bad Pyrmont Kursana Residenz, Nürnberg St.Klara Kirche, Frankfurt aM, Zentralbibliothek Stadtbücherei)
In 2013 Marta and her husband moved to work and live in Germany. They were invited to work at the Antagon theater as a musicians and composers.
Since 2013 Marta has been active and successful as a freelance performer work in numerous orchestras, also as concertmeister and as leader of the second violins. These performances include: Heidelberger Kantaten Orchester, Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt, die Merck Philharmonie, Philharmonie der Nationen-Justus Franz, Frankfurter Sinfoniker, Russian Chamber Philharmonic of St. Petersburg, PrimArte Orchester, Musikhochschule Trossingen Orchester, Kurorchester Bad Nauheim.
She has been a member of numerous the orchestral tours with performances at the Cannes Filmfestival (Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, France) -2014 , Chamber Philharmonic of St. Petersburg. Other tours have included
Mexico (Mexico-City, Roberto Cantoral Cultural Center, Mexico), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro,Bradesco Theater, São Paulo, Bradesco Theater), Cambridge (King’s College Chapel, UK), Israel (Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Museum of Art,Tel Aviv)-2015, Deutsche Philharmonie Merck, Oman (Royal Opera House, Muscat, Oman, UAE) -2017, Kurorchester Bad Nauheim.
Marta has also shared the stage with several renowned artists and groups such as, Daniel Wirtz, Adel Tawil, Johannes Oerding, Angelo Kelly, Peter Maffay, Max Mutzke, Enrique Ugarte Rilke Projekt-Band, Grammygewinner Paul McCandless (Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt) Quadro nuevo, Cairo Steps, Mouse T., Ehrlich Brothers (La Finesse), and others
2015 saw her as a part of the quartet acting in the television series “Hotel Heidelberg”(ARD).
“The Violin Drivers” performing their own original music, in the style of progressive crossover metal became the best band in Hessen (2015). At the moment Marta and Vladimir are working on recording a new album to be released soon.
Other engagements that Marta is involved in are:
2015-2017; Musikschule Schwalbach
2016-2017; Musikschule Frankfurt. Concerts on Cruise Ships with Trio (2 violins and Guitar-La Strada)
Since 2016- Concerts on Europe deluxe River Ships (Crystal, Vantage, Viking, Scenic, Emerald) violin show (as violin solo, and also with Quartett La Finesse)
Since 2013 Marta has been part of the La Finesse Streichquartett.
With this Quartet Marta have performed at several prominent business events.
The corporations include: Maserati Promotion-Tour, Allianz Suisse Sales Awards, Iron Academy, Mc Donalds, Richer & Frenzel, Award "Die Seriale", Sommerempfang des Bayerischen Landtags, Deutscher Innovationspreis, Darmstadtium 2016, Johnson & Johnson, GBTA Conference, Red Dot Award - Konzerthaus Berlin,125 Jahre Niederlassung Metall, Hannover 2015, SAP Firmenevent, Kundenevent Helaba Paris 2015,100 Jahre YASKAWA, Autopräsentation für Porsche u.v.m.
Gala concerts include: Stadthalle Aschaffenburg, Schloss Johannisberg, Kurhaus Wiesbaden, Kloster Eberbach, Eltville, Mainfrankensäle Veitshöchheim, Schloss Vollrads, Östrich-Winkel, Kulturhalle Grafenrheinfeld, Konzert Oetker Welt Bielefeld, Hall of Fame Wetzikon (CH), Ansbacher Kammerspiele, Schloss Immenstadt, Kurhaus Badenweiler, Benefizkonzerte Unterfranken für krebskranke Kinder) and others.
Marta has toured with a trio (Guitar, Bass and Violin). The prominent songwriter Robert Larosh (USA) accompanied them as part of the trio (2017-Yard Club – Cologne,Das Greif – Lunen,Kultur Bahnhof – Gifhorn,Franzis Kulturzentrum – Wetzlar,Bluesiana – Velden, Austria usw.)
More and more requests are coming in as a solo violinist or in ensemble-band. Marta comments about her values and ambitions:
“I play with pleasure in various musical styles like classic, rock, pop, progressive metal, but clearly distinguishing between each performing style and the manner of playing.
Music is an international language of human emotions and experiences, an expression of feelings and thoughts.
In each style, you can take the most important thing. In the classics is the violin technique and the beauty of sound, the depth of thought and emotion. In rock and pop music is a feeling of rhythm-groove. In metal, music is tension and quintas with quarters)” Weniger anzeigen


DUO DIVITES (eigene Projekt):
Frankfurt a.M. Musikmesse
Fränkischer Abend (Frankonia Night)
Wetzlar, Phantastischen Bibliothek
Frankfurt a.M., Zentralbibliothek
Frankfurt a.M. Schloss Residence Mühlberg
Sommerach, Annadora Diller-Köninger
Nürnberg,St.Klara Kirche
Bad Nauheim,Trinkkuranlage (Kleiner Konzertsaal)
Hamburg, Hanna Reemtsma Haus
Bad Pyrmont Kursana Residenz
München Tertianum Residenz
Hattersheim Evim
Heidelberg, Augustinum
Evangelische Friedenskirche Offenbach
Konzert in der Goldschmiedegalerie Pal
Trier, Mutter-Rosa Zentrum
…und mehr
THE VIOLIN DRIVERS (Eigene Projekt):
Schloss Neckarhausen , Edingen-Neckarhausen
Nurnberg Theaterkneipe Loft
Miss & Mister Bayern 2014/2015
Irish Pub Aschaffenburg
Uffenheim Startclub
Mainz Kulturc (...) Mehr anzeigenafé
Erlangen Omega
Heidelberg Joe’s Rock Cafe
Frankfurt Elfer Club&Ponyhof…und mehr
Als Teil des Orchesters, Bands, Streichquartetts und andere Formationen:
-Mexico-City, Roberto Cantoral Cultural Center, Mexico
-Rio de Janeiro,Bradesco Theater, Brasilien
-São Paulo, Bradesco Theater,Brasilien
-Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
- Museum of Art,Tel Aviv, Israel
-King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, England
-Royal Opera House, Muscat, Oman
-Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, Cannes Filmfestival, Frankreich
-Moskauer Kreml
-Frankfurt, Alte Oper
-Frankfurt, Festhalle Messe
-Frankfurt, Commerzbank Arena (Grösstes Orchester der Welt, Guinness Weltrekord)
-Kurhaus, Wiesbaden
-Stuttgart, Schleyerhalle
-Zürich, Hallenstadion
-Wien, Stadthalle
-München, Olympiahalle
-München, Gasteig
-Berlin, Mercedes Benz-Arena
-Berlin, Philharmonie
-Leipzig, Arena
-Leipzig, Gewandhaus
-Erfurt, Messehalle
-Yard Club - Köln,
-Das Greif - Lünen,
-Kultur Bahnhof - Gifhorn,
-Franzis Kulturzentrum - Wetzlar,
-Bluesiana - Velden, Österreich
-Euro Fashion Awards Görlitz
-La Familia Fight Night Erfurt-Solo Violin Show
-Maserati Promotion-Tour
-Mc Donalds, Berlin
-Richer & Frenzel, Geschäftseröffnungen
-Award „Die Seriale“, Gießen
-Sommerempfang des Bayerischen Landtags
-Helaba, Paris
-Autopräsentation für Porsche
-Haus der Springmaus Bonn
-Theater Neu-Ulm
-Stadthalle Aschaffenburg
-BVB- Weihnachtssingen Signal-Iduna Arena Dortmund
-Kloster Eberbach, Eltville
-Hall of Fame, Wetzikon (CH) …und viel mehr Weniger anzeigen


The Violin Drivers

Progressive Crossover aus Frankfurt am Main


The Violin Drivers arbeiten mit einem “Stil-Mix” , der Verbindung von klassischen Instrumenten mit modernen Klängen unter dem Einsatz unterschiedlicher Kompositionstechniken. Barock und Rock, Klassik und Punk, Avantgarde und Pop-um einige Beispiele zu nen aus Frankfurt am Main


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