René Uyumaz

Drummer, Composer, Schlagzeuger aus Hamburg
Drummer, Recordingengineer, Editor bei Drumrecordingstudio-Online



Dear friends,
my name is René Uyumaz and i´m living in hamburg. I am pro. drummer and i´m writing music for film.
I´m here to deliver my services to you. You can hire me for studio, live or touring. I also own a studio in hamburg, where i write and produce music, as well i record my drums on music of different artists. That´s the "drumrecordingstudio-online". That service is for singer, songwriters, musicians, producers etc...
I have a lot of studio and live experience and played over 1000 live shows worldwide, for different artists like Steve Lukather, Martin Gore, Nickelback etc. I lived in LA for a while.
Get in touch with me, tell me about your project and let me know what I can do for you. Also, if you have any question about my work or me, dont hesitate to contact me.
Mail: email@ren (...) Mehr anzeigene-uyumaz.com
Cell: 0151 24 10 83 49
All the best
René Weniger anzeigen


Just a very short abstract of my work!
2017 Reitenberger Imagefilm, Filmcomposer, Mixingengineer.
2017 René Uyumaz Single, A new tomorrow.
2016 René Uyumaz EP 100%ME.
2016 Amperverband Bayern, Die Reise des Wassers, Filmcomposer.
2016 Dilechmoor Symphonicmetal, Drummer, Composer, Producer.
Frank Fischer Music, Music n Motion Hamburg / Studiodrummer, Recording Engineer, Editor, Mixer 2015
"Walking through the world" René Uyumaz Composer, Drummer, Singer, Producer 2000 - 2015
"Woman" / René Uyumaz / Composer, Drummer, Singer, Producer 2000 - 2015
"Die Allmacht" / Rahel Leschnik / Filmkomponist 2000 - 2015
"RADIO" Thriller / Ingo Frenzel / Fimkomponist, Titelsong "RADIO" 2000 - 2015
"007" The fragrance of death - Film / Ingo Frenzel / Filmkomponist, Titelsong "The fragrance of death" 2000 - 2 (...) Mehr anzeigen015
Die Tote im Unterholz / Kai Uwe Wedel / Filmkomponist, Titelsong und Trailer 2000 - 2015
CD Production / Soultouch / Studiodrummer and Livedrummer 2000 - 2015
3 Songs - Sümeyra Singer/Songwriter / Pete eats Beat / Studiodrummer 2000 - 2015
CD Production - Streetalk / Studiodrummer 2000 - 2015 Weniger anzeigen



Tonstudio und Recording, Online-Medium in 21039 Hamburg

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