Rick Derman

Manager/Booker, Teaches Voice, Guitar & Business English, Sänger, Gitarrist, Songwriter, Bandleader, Komponist, Producer aus Solingen
Sänger, Gitarrist, Songwriter, Bandleader, Komponist, Producer bei Rick Derman Solo (Originals), bei Nightshake und bei Rick Derman Solo Cover


Rick Derman is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist based in Germany. Since 1995 he has given over 1,200 concerts solo, duo and with band throughout Europe. Rick's delivers impressive cover versions of pop/rock hits from the 60s-00s, while his own material consists of hook-driven, melodic Indierock songs. His last solo album was „Pipe Dreams“ and his new album „All Alone“ will be released late in 2019.
Rick began his professional career in 1988 as a songwriter, producer and recording artist for Stuart Cohn Music. This led him to record in top New York studios with Rick Derringer and bandmembers from Joe Cocker, resulting in his debut album „Angels Wear Faces“


Rick Derman has been based in Germany since 1995. He has performed over 1,200 solo, duo and band concerts throughout Europe. His original songs are melodic and hook driven. Rick's last solo album was "Pipe Dreams" and he will tour in support of a new album release in 2019.

"... Power and great professionalism on the electric guitar are what the American Rick Derman has to offer, and his voice unites everything that is good in the genre of rock - penetrating and convincing with soft ballads, smoky-soft with blues and powerfully dynamic with rock pieces. "
MZ/Naumburg- Rüdiger Bensch

TV Concert: youtube.com...h?v=UnQ0JOpEewQ


Rick Derman Solo (Originals)

Originell, eingängig melodischer Rock, gespielt als Ein-Mann-Band. Verwendung von Schlagzeug- und Bassaufnahmen von Top-L.A.-Studiomusikern. Vor kurzem aus Solingen


Gitarren-Duo mit zwei starken Leadsängern was dem Publikum eine vielseitige Programm mit brillanten Gesangsharmonien bietet. Videos unter www.nightshake.biz aus Solingen

Rick Derman Solo Cover

unverwechselbarer Sänger und flüssiger Leadgitarrist aus Solingen


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