Disinfect sucht Death Metal-Bassisten

71636 Ludwigsburg

Anzeige von Disinfect (Brutal Death Metal aus Ludwigsburg), veröffentlicht am 16. Juli 2020


Rubrik: Band sucht Bassist/in
Genre: Metal
Anspruch: Ambitioniert, Semiprofessionell
Skill: Fortgeschritten, Erfahren, Sehr erfahren, Profi
Songmaterial: vorhanden
Proberaum: vorhanden


Disinfect (Death Metal aus Ludwigsburg) sucht einen Bassisten!
Wir haben am 2.11. unser neues Album veröffentlicht und wollen jetzt wieder mehr Konzerte spielen.
Das erste Musikvideo dazu gibt es hier zu sehen:
Das komplette Album Abaddon kann man sich hier anhören:


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DISINFECT hails from Ludwigsburg, germany. The music fits best what could be described as fast Death Metal in the vein of American (technical) Death Metal bands. But with a unique twist. Rather strange time signatures and squeeling guitars, just to name a few.
The lyrics are about war, okkultism, violence and all those other stories that life writes on a daily basis. The first (live) promo CD was made in 1999.
After some line-up changes, DISINFECT signed a record deal with REST IN PEACE Rex in the end of 2000.
In summer 2001, the first official LP called "BEINSPENDER" was recorded in Slowakia in the Exponent Studios. Concerts in most parts of Germany follwed. as in different European Countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Chzech Rep, Italy, Switzerland.....) a lot of gigs, Festivals (...) Mehr anzeigen (UP FROM THE GROUND, OBSCENE EXTREME, EISENWAHN O.A., RIED FESTIVAL, DEPTH OF WINTER, SOUL GRINDING and many more ...) and tours with SINISTER, APOPHIS and other bands followed soon after.
In 2009, the second CD "Screams of Pleasure" was released to the public.
In autumn 2019, the third album "Abaddon" was released. The mixing, mastering and vocal recording was done by Andy Classen (KRISIUN, BELPHEGOR, DESTRUCTION) at Stage One Studio. Guitars were recorded at Vault M. Studio. The album was released on Brute Music.
The pathway doesn't end here... And the tank keeps on rolling... Weniger anzeigen


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