Drummer for GAZTREA / Schlagzeuger gesucht

20535 Hamburg

Anzeige von GAZTREA (Gothic Nu-Metalcore aus Hamburg), veröffentlicht am 16. Mai 2019


Rubrik: Band sucht Schlagzeuger/in
Genre: Rock, Metal, Alternative/Independent
Anspruch: Nebenprojekt, Ambitioniert, Semiprofessionell
Skill: Erfahren
Songmaterial: vorhanden
Proberaum: vorhanden


We’re looking for a drummer who is able to play our songs and wants to write/record new material with us.
We’re located in Northern Germany, with a rehearsal room in Hamburg.
Living there would be great, but isn’t necessary because we don’t rehearse weekly.

Our goals for 2019 are to grow our audience, release more music and play more lives.

You should be willing to pur effort, money and time into that. 

As for lives, we use a lot of backing tracks and currently building our own in-ear system. Playing to a click is required. 

Conceptual looks, heavy make-up and expressive outfits are also part of our bands identity. 
Taking part in this or even being interested in it is very important to us.

If you’re interested in being a part of GAZTREA or have any question about us or being our (...) Mehr anzeigen drummer, don’t be shy and write us a message. 
We’d be happy to welcome you as our drummer and grow this band as big as possible !

And feel free to check out our material at gaztrea.com 

 - Kal, Sai, Cozmo, Momo Weniger anzeigen


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Heavy riffs, glistening synths and soaring choruses – somewhere between Metalcore, Pop and Visual Kei. GAZTREA from Germany calls their music ''Heavy Electronic Rock''.
While they wear their Visual Kei influence on their sleeves, they don't feel confined to one single style and prefer to stay versatile. Metalcore smashers, dramatic Power Metal influences and progressive songwriting are all part of the ever changing formula.
With Kal's eccentric vocal approach between theatrical singing, piercing high notes and aggressive screaming they add another unique element to their style, which is also strongly expressed in their conceptual outfits, artworks and music videos.


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