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01309 Dresden

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Rubrik: Gitarrist, Background-Sänger sucht Mitmusiker (Bassist/in, Gitarrist/in, Schlagzeuger/in, Percussionist/in, Keyboarder/in, Synthesizerspieler/in, Saxophonist/in, Songwriter/in, DJ/in, Posaunist/in)
Genre: Funk
Anspruch: Nebenprojekt
Skill: Anfänger, Fortgeschritten, Erfahren, Sehr erfahren
Songmaterial: vorhanden
Proberaum: nicht vorhanden


Looking to fill a rotating list of musicians to lay down some badass improvisational funk in Dresden and surrounds in the manner of Maceo Parker, Lettuce, Snarky Puppy and so forth. The idea would be to have 5-10 musicians ready and willing to play gigs, whoever is available to jam.
Structurally, there would be a mix of composed riffs/songs and funk covers (JB, Stevie Wonder, Sly and the Family Stone, GAP Band, Prince, etc.) with tons of jams going on in between for an hour set. Sometimes, totally impro if things go well. As long as asses are shaking, that's all that matters. Traditionally, people that work best with this idea are jazz heads but of course I'm open - the full spectrum of ages and genders are welcome. As long as we can communicate on stage and keep the ideas rolling.
Couple (...) Mehr anzeigenof examples of composed (soundcloud.com...ssian/motown) and impro (soundcloud.com...pening-track) stuff one band I had back home in Australia. Am currently recording and gigging with a band back in Marburg (facebook.com/yerbacolora), video of a song we recently recorded (facebook.com...type=2&theater). These guys are very keen to jam so we have a start. More locals are wanted!
Long story short, if you wanna jam, get people dancing and just generally entertain, this could be the thing for you. Weniger anzeigen


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Musikalischer Werdegang

Played with a lot of bands, plenty of video and recorded studio stuff out there. For now, the most recent thing is Yerba Colora - facebook.com/yerbacolora


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