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Rubrik: Gitarrist, Bassist, Songwriter, Djembe Spieler, Producer sucht Band oder Mitmusiker (Gitarrist/in, Bassist/in, Keyboarder/in, Synthesizerspieler/in, Organist/in, Digital-DJ/in, Songwriter/in, Komponist/in, Producer/in, Soundtechniker/in)
Genre: Rock, Alternative/Independent, Techno/Electronic
Anspruch: Hobby, Nebenprojekt, Ambitioniert, Semiprofessionell
Skill: Fortgeschritten, Erfahren, Sehr erfahren
Songmaterial: vorhanden
Proberaum: nicht vorhanden


Hello out there,

Music that goes under the skin... how does that sound to you?

I imagine psychedelic atomospheres, epic riffs, melancholic melodies, mighty sound walls, artsy rhythms, and all without lyrics - because music is beyond words.

If you already have a band, I'm happy to join in. Otherwise, I'd like to start off as a duo or at max a trio. I'd love to hang out at least once per week to work on songs together and experiment and feel the music. For the beginning, I envision using a drum machine or a looper for the beats, but if we wish so, we might look for a drummer later on. If you have a rehearsal room, cool, let's meet there, otherwise let's just meet at home - that's more comfy anyway.

If you're interested - whether or not you've any doubts - just drop me a message (de/en). (...) Mehr anzeigenI suggest we'll just go for a walk and get to know each other. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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