Freddie Girardi

Gitarrist, Komponist, Sänger sucht Band

81547 München

Anzeige von Freddie Girardi, veröffentlicht am 22. Juli 2021


Genre: Pop, Rock, Funk
Anspruch: Semiprofessionell, Hauptberuf
Skill: Sehr erfahren, Profi
Songmaterial: nicht vorhanden
Proberaum: nicht vorhanden


I have been in Munich since March this year, I don't have much contact with people from music busines, because I'm here?. I am a guitarist, singer, composer and producer.
I am available for professional projects. I am learning German, and unfortunately, instant communication is possible in English.


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Musikalischer Werdegang

I have a big experience, I have been playing for over 25 years, live, as well as a studio musician. I can sing back vocals, and as a lead vocal I can take over a part of a repertoire in English. I have Stratocaster, Musicman, Gibson LP and acc. guitar Godin Multiac. For gig, I use Kemper guitar system with cabinet(box).


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Saxophon für elektronisches Live-Projekt gesucht

Saxophon für elektronisches Live-Projekt gesucht

82279 Eching

House/Dance, Techno/Electronic, Funk

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Keyboarder für groovige Coverband in München gesucht

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