Guitarist for a fun/multi-influence project. Lets punk rock it!

69121 Heidelberg

Anzeige von Gus MT (Gitarrist bei Cosmic Cells), veröffentlicht am 13. Oktober 2019


Rubrik: Gitarrist sucht Mitmusiker (Bassist/in, Schlagzeuger/in)
Genre: Metal, Punk/Hardcore
Anspruch: Hobby, Ambitioniert
Skill: Fortgeschritten
Songmaterial: vorhanden
Proberaum: nicht vorhanden


Lets (punk) rock this place!
I'm a guitarist from the Heidelberg area (man, 28 y.o.) and look for people to form a band oriented to punk rock music, but with metal/rock influences. The idea is not to be afraid of exploring new genres and ideas! I'm very passionate about music, and love listening, playing and creating new music. I have been part of many bands in the past, and have also recorded music. I have some material written too, and lots of ideas. My list of influences is pretty broad, so if you are interested we can talk about mine and yours.
The idea is to form something with at least a drummer and a bassist. Then we can see if we need anything else. A singer would be also welcome - but consider that NO REAL SKILLS ARE NEEDED (for playing or singing!). The only requirement is not to (...) Mehr anzeigen be close-minded, wanting to be original, and not to be afraid of exploring our limits with new music and new influences.
- Multi-language (english/deutsch/español).
- No gender or age preferences!
Feel free to use whatsapp to contact me (check my profile). Weniger anzeigen


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